I'm a self-taught designer in Reno, Nevada, who enjoys design and the problem solving process of it. I was recently at an advertising agency for over 13 years, and a designer at a few other companies before that. Now I'm working full-time for myself and my own pursuits.

However, I really have no penchant for talking about myself. I think my work speaks volumes more than I can for myself and prefer to let it. So I'll just talk about the work. The work on the site has been curated to show different styles and progression that I find personally fulfilling and prefer to do. I also mixed in my own personal photography hobby. I don't do photography professionally outside selling it as stock, but I included it because it shows a different skillset that is closely related to design and it can speak a bit for me.

Please feel free to email me with work inquiries or any questions. I offer competitive hourly and project based rates.

Silver Legacy

Animation and design for the "You'll Take the Cash Anyways" promotion TV commercial.

Reno Air Races

Animation and design to promote the 52nd Reno Air Races.


Video animation for Bally's holiday message.

Feather Falls Brewing Co.

Logo development for Feather Falls Casino's brewery.

Black Labs

Logo development for agencies internal sandbox projects. Lots of black lab dogs on-site.

Apache Casino

Logo development with multiple names for a casino property.

Buffalo Thunder

Logo development for a Buffalo Thunder casino.

Grand Victoria Casino

Logo development for Grand Victoria's players club. "Club GVC."

Seminole Casino

Logo development for Seminole Casino.

Crave Deli

Logo development for a deli inside Grand Victoria Casino.

Dig the Rig

Logo development for a promotion at Silver Legacy Casino.

IO Skin Care

Logo development for IO Skin Care brand.


Logo development for a lounge in FireKeepers Casino.

More than Kin

Logo development for short film based on "Kin" by Bruce McAllister.

Governor's Office of Economic Development

Logo development Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development.

Oklahoma Palace

Logo development for proposed casino.


Logo development for proposed nightclub at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.


Logo development for a family fun, indoor development which aimed to be more fun for the adults.

Screw You

Icon development to be used in a repetitive pattern for apparel.


Logo development for a video production company.

Silver Legacy

Logo development for Silver Legacy's 20th Anniversary.

Silver Legacy Promotion

Shop 'Til You Drop promotion where the winner gets a shopping spree in San Francisco.


I believe this was for a housing development, but I cannot be for certain


Logo development for a restaurant inside the The Loop.

Thurston Racing

Logo development for speed boat team.

Reno Rangers

Graphic for a local paintball team.

The Flyt

Logo development for a proposed surf clothing/culture brand.

Tahoe Love

Logo to show off Lake Tahoe love for a pitch.

Band of Martians

Logo development for a carefully curated collection of brands showroom.

Pure Petro

Logo and packaging design.

1408 Short Film

Poster for short film based on Stephen King's 1408 with a runtime of 14:08.

Reno Air Races

Illustration and design to be used on advertising and promotion for the event.

Reno Air Races

Editorial design for the Reno Air Races event program.

Reno Air Races

Cover, layout and editorial design for the Reno Air Races 50th anniversary event program. Used a gold metallic ink throughout the program.

Reno Air Races

Cover, layout and editorial design for the Reno Air Races 51st event program. Yellow on the inside represents a tinted spot varnish.

Reno Air Races

Layout and editorial design for the Reno Air Races 52nd event program. Silver metallic ink throughout.

Reno Air Races

Cover, layout and editorial design for the Reno Air Races 53rd event program. Cover a yellow craft paper with blind emboss and black. Interior a mix of stock. Matte for content and gloss for photography section.

Reno Air Races

Layout and editorial design for the Reno Air Races 54th event program.

9000 Wolves

A promo graphic for 9000 wolves.

Reno Air Races

Annual event poster designs for the Reno Air Races.

Reno Air Races

Ticket brochure cover art honoring the late Bob Hoover.

Reno Air Races

Cover art for event program.

Reno Air Races

Advertising for the 54th Reno Air Races. Print and outdoor.

All Kinds of Time

Poster for the short film All Kinds of Time.

Zoo Animals

Some digital painting of animals for fun.


Last minute digital paint + print for a insurance pitch project.

Ashes of Brush Flats

Poster designs for the feature length indie film Ashes of Brush Flats


Poster designs to accompany a script being pitched.


Burton "B" blackhole graphic for a industry film intro.


Poster graphic for a proposed larger film adaptation.

DRGM is Dead

T-shirt graphics for local Addys advertising the rebrand and naming of DRGM.

Eddie the Vampire

Poster to go along with a kickstarter to draw interest in a hipster/casual vampire film.


Artwork for Epick's single Kill or be Killed featuring Soul Kahn.


Artwork for Epick's LP, A Million Little Lines.

Extradition Concert Series

Poster for the Extradition Concert Series.

Feather Falls Casino

Boards to be animated for a TV promo.

Feather Falls Casino

Illustrations/design to be animated for a TV promo. UFC fight night hosted by Ken Shamrock.

Feather Falls Casino

Illustrations/design to be animated for a TV promo. UFC fight night featuring Playboy Playmates.

Freight House District

Print ad design for the Freight House District opening.

Volcom Turtleneck Series

Poster for episode 6 - Friendship Vault. Watch Here

George Strait

Admat art for his Strait to Vegas showings at the T-Mobile Arena.

The Glenn Group

Good[  ] green ecosystem graphic for self promotion.

The Glenn Group

Good[ ] neon sign graphic for self promotion.

Great Basin Community
Food Co-op

Print ad design for the Great Basin Community Food Co-op

Chapel Tavern

Poster designs to advertise a absinthe happy hour @ 5

Hannah Montana

Artboards and background elements for a Hannah Montana toy commercial.

Volcom Turtleneck Series

Poster for episode 5 - Happily Ever After. Watch Here

Happily Never After

Poster designs for the feature length film Happily Never After.

I Like You

Poster designs for the feature length film I Like You.

I'm Me

Initial poster designs for early script.

I'm Me

Poster designs based on revised script and new photography assets.

It's a Surfer

Poster art for a pilot series.


Promotion graphic for JamieHeinrich.tv.

Kill Nice

Poster to go along with a pitched script and film short involving vampires and werewolves in a style yet unseen.

Mach 9

Poster design for full length feature film.

Mach 9

Poster design for a early draft of the film.


Personal design to a found photo.

Mouth Weapon

Poster and design for a short series focused on a couple women snow boarders.

Nancy Scanner

Poster design for a short film/series pitch to Volcom. Watch Here


Outdoor board for both brands featuring Terje Haakonsen.

The Glenn Group

Microsite promoting a bid for the winter olypmics.

Ron Swanson

Just photoshop painting for fun.

Leonard Nimoy

Just photoshop painting after his death.

Reno Air Races

Event t-shirt design featuring the Blue Angels.

Reno/Tahoe Visitor Publication

Layout and editorial design.


Direct mail design for a public health awareness event.

See Red

Poster designs to go with a script about yougn adults on an island that find Eric the Red's helmet. Naming wasn't decided upon "Sea Red" vs "See Red."


I use to draw while watching TV, now I just try to remember to floss instead.

Silver Legacy

Promotion art and outdoor board design.

Smokin Snowboards

Snowboard designs.


Poster graphic for short film. Watch Here

Tahoe SUP

Illustration/design for advertising a local SUP company.

The Pretty Unknown

Album cover designs for CD and LP.

These People

Poster design and look for a seriously funny series. Check it out.

These People

Early design before filming. You should check it out.

T-Mobile Arena

24"x24" fine print for high end clientele.

Volcom Turtleneck Series

Poster for episode 1 - Friends Watch Here

Volcom Turtleneck Series

Poster for episode 4 - VHS Reporter Watch Here

Volcom 2 Be Continued

Design and production of all advertising. Web banners, print ads, posters, duratrans, DVD, hats, tees, glasses, cellphone cases, duratrans, etc.

Volcom Banzai

Promotion design for a promotion that got shelved.

Women of Achievement

Illustration/design for Women of Achievement 2013

Women of Achievement

Illustration/design for Women of Achievement 2011 honoring Barbara Corcoran

Agua Azul

Agua Azul in Chiapas, Mexico.

American Flats

American flats before it was knocked down.

Blue Lakes

Upper Blue Lakes near the Carson Pass.


Sites around Cappadocia, Turkey.


Some vineyards around Cloverdale, CA.

Columbia River Gorge

Some photos from some visits to the Columbia River Gorge, OR.

Downtown Portland

Shot around Portland, OR. Mostly from the Riverwalk.

Downtown Reno

Shot around downtown Reno, NV.

Reno Skyline

Skyline from Peavine mountain.

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake above Emerald Bay.


Countryside in England, around Leicester.


A nice day to swing.

Galena Forest

Hiking in Galena to Church's Pond and Mt. Rose summit.


Photos around Genoa.

Hope Valley I

Visit through Hope Valley.

Hope Valley II

Visit through Hope Valley.

Hope Valley III

Visit through Hope Valley.

Hunter Creek Trail

Hiking the Hunter Creek trail.

Idlewild Park

Evening in the park.

Japanese Gardens

The japanese gardens in Portland.

Lake Jenkison

Camping at Lake Jenkinson, CA.

Lake Tahoe

Shots around Banzai Rock.

Lake Tahoe

Star trails from the beach.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas with less glamour.

Mark Twain

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Misol Ha

Waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico.

Mt. Jefferson

Nighttime shot of Mt. Jefferson.

Nevada Day Parade

Photos of people walking in the parade.

Oregon Coast

Photos of the Oregon coastline.

Yaxchilán and Bonampak

Mayan ruins in Chiapas, Mexico.


Mayan ruins in Chiapas, Mexico.

Peter Iredale

Shipwreck on the Oregon coast.

Chiapas Animals

Some of the local animals in the area. Howler monkey's vocals are amazing.

Ponytail Falls

Waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge.

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake and surrounding area.

San Cristobal

San Cristobal, Chiapas.

Sauvie Island

Barn on Sauvie Island.


Ole is a thief.


. . .

St. Johns Bridge

St. Johns bridge from the waterfront.


Shots touring Turkey. Istanbul, Izmir, and Kayseri areas.